Where the road lead to Rome

collosseum in romeWhen Julius Caesar created the Roman Empire and fortified the walls of Rome, little did he know that even years after his death it will be one of the hottest tourist attractions in the whole world. Rome, the heart of Italy welcomes you with arms wide open. There are so many places to visit that one is bound to get confused from where to start their journey.

The people are fun loving and the architecture is simply to marvel at. There is the world famous Roman Colosseum situated right in the heart of Rome reminding everyone of the brutal and barbaric atrocities that used to take place. Rome also houses the Vatican City which is also the smallest city in the world and also houses the St, Peter’s Basilica where the Pope resides. Rome also houses The Pantheon which is the oldest Catholic Church in the whole of Rome. All in all, it is well advised to the people to take their own sweet time and explore Rome the way Italians prefer…Lazily.

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