UK and its historical connections

stone henge in UKUK is one of the richest places in the world when it comes to history and culture. The British Empire has witnessed a lot of ups and downs to make a mark in the world history. King Arthur is one of the most controversial characters. Some historians believe that he was a soldier who fought with the British kings against the Saxons in the 9th century. He rose to power and many great battles have been associated with him.

In some of the ancient manuscripts, Arthur has been portrayed as a mighty fighter and a hero. For several years historians have been working to find a valid proof that will remove all doubts regarding the existence of Arthur. The history of UK revolves around legends of Arthur. Monuments to museums, every place will lead you to King Arthur. Halloween is a festival which has a lot of historical significance in UK. It began almost 2000 years ago. The day is celebrated when the world of the living and the dead merges together. It all started in the reign of the Celts when Christianity spread.

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