Travel Australia: Uluru

Uluru, travel AustraliaAlyers Rock is the other name of Uluru which is situated in the central part of Australia. It is actually a big rock that is red in color and there are only a few sandstone rocks that are as big as this one.

The area is listed in the World Heritage. The rock is as high as three hundred and forty-eight kilometers and is about 9.4 km in circumference. A major part of the rock is buried under the ground. There are a lot of interesting certain and formations that are present in this area. The walls are covered with traditional paintings and the cracks of the walls have water running through it. The sunset views of this area are quite spectacular. The area has been a popular destination among the tourists all over the word for its natural beauty. Therefore, if you are visiting Australia, this is the area that you should not miss at all.

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