Things you should know before travelling to Hawaii

things should know about hawaiiTravelling to a new place is very difficult and it is exploring too. Many travelers love travelling to the unique and different places but sometimes it is advisable to know about the place you are travelling at. As we are taking about Hawaii, Hawaii is certainly a very different place for the first times. All the different religious, culture, tradition, people, their lifestyle, etc is very different from the country or the city we are travelling. There are many things which must be kept in mind before travelling to Hawaii. This article will help you to determine the aspects and the criteria have to keep in mind while you are planning to travel to Hawaii.


Things you should know:

  • Visitors must keep in mind that we are not Hawaiians. We are called to be the tourists and the people who are residing in Hawaiian island are called by the names of local. They have different lifestyle and concept as we do have ours.
  • Hawaii is the only island where two languages are spoken, one is the English and second one is the Hawaiian language which can be only spoken by the locals because they know how to speak this. But it is advisable to learn the basic words of Hawaiian language so it becomes easy for the visitor to attempt the talking with the local Hawaiian public. Words like aloha means hello, mahalo for thank you, etc can be learned by the visitor.
  • Hawaii is the island of time. Visitors come there to enjoy their vacation with the loved ones and the families. You will not see much of the people honking on the road because the local people of Hawaii does not believe in the honking and rushed driving of the car, they just believe in driving the slow and enjoy the scenery which is preserved in the Hawaiian island.
  • Hawaiian island is the only place where the royalty is been celebrated. The prince Kuhio day is celebrated on 26th of March in the honor of the king who put on his efforts in preserving the culture, rituals, tradition, etc of Hawaii.
  • Hawaiian island has the heart of welcoming every person on the island to make their house or enjoy their vacation with their loved ones. You will find many faces of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc and their food taste too which will blend you towards to come and visit the Hawaiian Islands again and again.
  • All the visitors who love beaches or the beachy arena, Hawaiian island are the best option which can be opted for. Not only the beach but there is many places in Hawaii which can be visited by the visitors and in fact those places must not be left unwatched by the visitors according to my advice.
  •  Hawaii has its own existence. Yes, you might be thinking of travelling to the different countries for the beach and other stuffs but seriously Hawaii has its own unique magnificent things which one should not miss out.

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