Naples: a perfect destination for lovers of architecture

naples, italyItaly is not always about Pasta or Pizza as we commonly refer to. It is also not about the easy going life of the people. One tends to undermine and forget the Roman Empire that had once flourished and created the many breathtaking architectural pieces that stand in ruins and shambles now. Amongst all the Italian cities, Naples is considered as the hub for architectural lovers.

The early kings used to live here in huge sprawling palaces before shifting their headquarters to Rome. Naples also is the focal point of historical museums in Rome and the architecture of the buildings are simply breathtaking. The main city square is also one of the largest in entire Rome. Apart from that, this city also provides a panoramic view of Mt. Vesuvius which some people consider an architectural wonder of Mother Nature. Hence, it is well advised to take time in hand and visit this lovely city and enjoy all of its architectural brilliance and beauty.

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