Major shopping destinations in Bangkok

shopping destinations, travel BangkokIf you are in Bangkok, then you must be looking for some exotic shopping destination. There are many market areas and shopping malls in Bangkok you can consider visit and shopping. The Chatuchak market in Bangkok is said to be the biggest shopping are in Thailand. There are as many as 8000 stalls in the market area in Thailand. Near about 20000 visitors visit the Chatuchak market every weekend. You can get a host of things from household items, to clothing, to books, artifacts, handicrafts, etc in this market. The price of the items available here is not much and well within your budget.

You should also pay a visit to the world’s largest duty free shopping mall in Bangkok. You can buy a lot of electronic items from the duty free at a much low price which you haven’t imagined ever. If you are thinking about the quality of the items available, then you should know that the gadgets available there are completely authentic and you also get warranty of the items you buy there.

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