Johannesburg: The city of Gold

travel JohannesburgDo you want to know the history attached with the famous capital of South Africa? Well, you must be wondering that why this city is called “The city of Gold” or why it’s called that this city was built upon a gold reef. Read the following details and you will get a fair idea of it.

Looking back:

In, 1886, since the time gold mining started in Johannesburg; it was known that this city has a huge chunk of gold as one of its primary minerals. As soon as the 20th century ended, Johannesburg was officially declared as the owner of world’s one third gold resources. Naturally, the region was also stated to be a rich and proud provider of huge economic wealth.

Gold reef city tourism:

Those who are willing to witness the gold mines of Johannesburg on their own, must visit the theme park of gold reef city. Coupled with rich history, visiting this place will give you a fair idea about the gold mine that was explored in 19th century just a stone’s throw away from this theme park. The city theme park is a combination of ancient values and modern ideas. Not only you can visit the museum where you can delve into knowing the history of city of gold, you can also, like any other youngsters visit the endless shops for a memorable shopping stint at northern hemisphere.

Travel guide:

The city theme park has its own website from where you can get a lot of useful information about visiting this park. Though any long period vacation like summer or winter breaks are fine, but you should remember that this park is not open during Christmas. Since the park is located in Soweto, you can avail the shuttle or bus service to get to the destination. Visiting Johannesburg must include a trip to Apartheid Museum from where you will able to know about the rich history of African freedom struggle. The museum of Mandela House, Square Stands, War Memorial are also some of the fascinating places to visit in the land of Madiba.

So, pack your bags, book your tickets and head for the golden city to experience the golden days in Johannesburg. Also, visit the authentic jewelry shops in the African hotspot and purchase raw gold and gold jewelry as much as you want.

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