Interesting Facts About France

Facts of FranceFrance is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. You know much of the things about France but there are also many of the things about France which you are not aware of. Exploring these facts about France will be very cool and interesting and you will get to know those things which you wouldn’t know at all. It will increase you knowledge and love for France. Here are some of the facts about France which will leave you totally amazed.

  • In terms of land, France is considered to be the largest European country after Russia and Ukraine. Thus you can see how wide France is.
  • Approximately twenty percent of the territory of the France lies outside of the Europe. Such regions are usually known as DOM-TOM. These are considered as overseas department and territories. On an average over 2.5 million citizens of France live there.
  • The oldest canal of France named as canal du Midi was built from the period of 1666 to 1681. This canal is almost 240 kms long which is about 150 miles long having 63 locks, 126 bridges, 6 barrages, 1 tunnel, 55 aqueducts and 7 canal bridges.
  • Rivers plays a very major role in the history of France as it acts as the main transportation route before the invention of railway. There were 24 rivers in France which exceeded 300 kms in length. 66 metropolitan departments out of 95 metropolitan departments were named after rivers.
  • French people usually gives each other cheek kiss to greet each other whether it be friends or family members even men’s also greet each other in similar manner. The number of kisses differs from one region to another it can be one or it can even be 4 and in Corsica it is 5.
  • According to one of the survey it is proved that 44 % of the people of France are atheists.
  • The highest life expectancy I female and third highest life expectancy in males is found in France in the whole European Union.
  • French people are the biggest consumers of psychotropic drugs in the whole world. Approximately one fourth of the total population admits that they have taken anti depression pills over the past years. Depression is a serious issue in France and almost 1 out of 4 people are facing depression issues and having it treated with medication.
  • Till the year 1964, a woman cannot open a separate bank account in her name or even get a passport without the permission of her husband.
  • One of the popular French writer said that French is an Italian when in bad mood.
  • The name France came out from the name Franks which is a Germanic tribe who have settled in the Western Roman Empire from the 2nd century and then took off it after the collapse of the entire empire.

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