Guide To The Beautiful Beaches Of Barbados

Beaches Of BarbadosNation of islands with an ideal location in the Lesser Antilles situated in the Atlantic Ocean and plates of the Caribbean and South America flank the island of Barbados. Along the stretches of the coastline it boasts of innumerable beaches which offer stunning picture. Your holiday becomes absolutely laidback if you stay in the boutique hotels in and around the beaches during the peak seasons of each and every beach’s visit.

The locations of the beaches in Barbados are significant for the guide. The four cardinal directions are spread with beaches. In the Northern and Eastern beach of the coast there are coral reefs along the pristine shore. You should know that due to strong waves and ocean currents the beach is considered unfit for non experienced swimmers. This is a place for strolling, tanning, enjoying scenic beauty. Cattlewash and Soup Bowl for beauty and surfing respectively are ideal places. There are many bays in the northern side which can be checked out for exploration of the caves.

Southern and Western beaches of the coast are ideal for dip and swim in the calm waters. Aquatic activities, snorkelling are the common activities. You can also join the party or go in an underwater park Folkstone Marine Park, museums or shopping there are a host of facilities which you can enjoy in the nearby areas. The waters in the western coast of the beach are sapphire combined with golden beaches. You can also bask in the glory of sunlight in the morning in the southern coast of the beach which is lively than the other beaches.

Some of the popular beaches of Barbados include:

• Bath beach – most popular and ideal beach for swimming. Small children can swim under the supervision of the adults. There are boutique hotels nearby so no problem of parking. You can go in for picnics and enjoy a small waterfall in the nearby area. Visitors and locals all throng the beach. A snack bar is there. Most importantly it has a changing room. Two churches and a museum nearby are the tourist attraction.

• Accra Beach – situated in the south coast has white sand along its fine coast. Almost everyone from families to couples and locals to tourist go to the beach. You can rent bogie boards but the conditions of surfing vary. Under the casuarinas, exploration of the stalls and sunbathing are the activities you can indulge in.

• Enterprise beach or the Miami beach – 250 yard long strands of white sand magical beach is a favourite local beach. For a stroll, a dip and for weekends the Barbadians hang out in the beach. You can have superb lunch in the beach or enjoy a picnic.

• Crane Beach – also hailed as the most stunning beach of Barbados it is embossed with cliffs of limestone and groves of palms. Those who enjoy their stay at the Crane Resort go out there but it is not ideal for small children.
The beaches are lined with exotic white and pink sands on beautiful terrain of Barbados.

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