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Family holiday sports in Florida

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Family holiday, floridaFlorida is known as the Sunshine State of America. It is one of the most popular areas when it comes to family destinations. Orlando is one of the best spots for family holiday in Florida. The place has a number of attractions starting from the Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World and also the Universal Orlando Resort.

There are a number of movie studios, water parks and many other entertainment facilities in this area. This place has something for everybody. There are a lot more than just water rides and Mickey Mouse in this area. There are fresh water lakes, winding waterways along with forests and hills. Thos who have a liking for wildlife, a great spot will be Busch Gardens which is a very big amusement park in the Tampa Bay. The Universal Studios can give you a jaw dropping experience for sure. The Key Largo is another interesting place for those who are interested in marine life.

Things to Do When You Are In Miami

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Attractions in Miami, travel USAIf you want to experience Miami in the way it is shown in the movies, you should visit the South Beach. This is a place which full of entertainment, bars and restaurants. There are a lot of fun bars like The Clevelander and the Wet Willes. Another great place to be when in Miami is the Poolside at the W hotel. Even if you are not staying in the hotel, you should not miss out on the pool. You can get access to the pool area by purchasing a day pass.

Another nice place in Miami where you can spend some enjoyable time is the Lincoln Mall. It is a huge mall that runs for many a miles. The Strand is another interesting place to go when in Miami. This place is enjoyed bets on a bike. The night life of Miami comes to life with the Mansion Nightclub. There is hardly any other nightclub as hot as this bone.

A tourist’s guide to Palm Beach Florida

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Palm Beach , FloridaOne of the best destinations for the purpose of holiday in Florida would be the Palm Beach. The climate of this place has a very nice feel with a breezy and tropical atmosphere. You will have the great blue water all through the year, which makes the Palm Beach a great place to have fun during the holidays. Palm Beach cannot disappoint if you go there to spend a quality time with your friends and family.

There are a lot of things to do and many places to go in this great holiday destination. You will be able to hang out in great shopping destinations and eat in some of the best eateries. Yes, the food and the special cuisines of Palm Beach is absolutely mouth watering. There are some great hotels and resorts in this area and therefore, lodging is never a problem in the Palm Beach of Florida.

Enjoy the beach culture at San Francisco

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

golden bridge in san franciscoThere are many who would gladly go and have a nice time at the beach than spend huge amounts of money and put their physical fitness to test than going for a vacation at a mountainous place. Like the mountains the beach too has its faithful lovers who wait for the entire year just to get away and enjoy a few days by the most exotic beaches in the world.

If you are a beach person and looking forward to the most exciting beach to spend your holidays in than San Francisco is the place for you. The beach culture of the place is just worth the try and will make sure that you will want to visit it again and again. Apart from the natural beauty of the place, you can indulge yourself in some great water sports and thrill yourself with the onshore games as well. The locals are extremely friendly and helpful too.

Natural beauty at its breathtaking best: Hawaii

Friday, February 17th, 2012

hawaii islands, usaIf you are a nature lover and think of being amidst nature every time you plan a vacation then this time make it a point to visit Hawaii. Known to have one of the most exotic and breath taking beaches in the world, Hawaii has been a massive tourist spot ever since its beauty and potential as a tourist place was discovered. If you are a beach lover and want to boost of a holiday spent at the hottest beaches in the world, then Hawaii is the place you should start with.

Hawaii has been so popular that it most definitely features in the top ten holiday destinations in the whole world. The beach culture of the place is addictive with its amazing collection of water sports. You will leave wanting to stay a little longer and craving to come back again. The onshore boosts of a variety of ball games as well. If you are lucky you might as well spot some celebrities at the famous beaches of Hawaii.

Top 4 camping destinations in USA

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

camping in USAIf you are a camping geek and the very idea of camping excites and enthralls you then you should try out the best five places in the United States. Camping not only is good for the mind but when you enjoy your experience, can become a rather addictive habit

Here is a list of the best five places in the USA that are the best for camping-

Big Bend National Park- known as the International Biosphere Reserve this place is a huge favorite among campers. Not only that, it provides a lot of other recreational activities to those looking for some real adventure.

Big Thicket National Park- Home of a wide variety of animals and one of the first reserves in America, the Big Thicket is the home of a huge number of nature lovers and campers.

Enchanted Rock Natural Area and

Padre Island National Seashore.

Virginia: a perfect get away for lovers

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

tour to virgina, usaIf you are a romantic at heart and want to go away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend some love kissed days at the most romantic place in the world then Virginia is the place for you. If you have been planning or looking forward to a trip to Virginia, then here is a list of the places that will definitely make your vacation worthwhile-

  • 12 Historic Squares of High-Street Gardens at Portsmouth.
  • Agecroft Hall at Richmond.
  • Apple Cottage Organic Teaching Garden at Luray.
  • Accomac at Accomac.
  • Belle Boyd Cottage at Front Royal.
  • Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden at Arlington.
  • Berkeley Plantation at Charles city
  • Boxerwood Garden at Lexington.
  • Brandon Plantations and Gardens at Spring Grove

Virginia is famous for its gardens, be it flowers or herbal plantation. If you are a romantic by heart and have a weakness for gardens than Virginia is the place for you.

Why visit Texas?

Monday, February 6th, 2012

tour to texasTexas has been one of the major tourist attractions. People from all around the world, travel to Texas to spend a good vacation. If however you want to know about Texas and why it is such a popular attraction then here is a list of the places that Texas has to offer-

Schlitterbahn- it is one of the most famous water parks that Texas has to offer. It is equally famous among the tourists and the locals.

Johnson Space Center- people can get a real feel of being inside a space center. This space center was made famous during the Space Race in the sixties.

Texas State Aquarium- A must visit for all aquatic animal lovers. This aquarium houses some of the rarest of marine species.

Alamo- This probably one of the biggest landmarks of Texas. It is here that the most infamous battles of the earlier times were fought.

City that never sleeps: Vegas

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

tour in las vegas, USAIf you want ultimate entertainment and are looking for the appropriate place then look no further than Las Vegas. Vegas has for long been termed as the city that never sleeps, not without a reason however, here at Vegas you are sure to find unlimited and unrestricted fun and also the golden opportunity to test your luck and bet your money at the unlimited number of casinos operating there.

Casino playing is in fact the life beyond the glitz and glamour of Vegas. Here casinos are fully prepared to receive tourists, this means that they are well equipped with cash transactions in different currencies etc. the city as a whole is a tourist’s heaven and therefore you are bound to feel at ease and reveal that wild side in you! Endless supply of fun, casino games and thrills are waiting for you at Vegas, no matter at what time of the day or night it is!

The best destination to be with your family: Georgia

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

travel in georgia in USAProbably the best time in the year for any couple is when they take their kids out for a vacation for the entire family. When it comes to taking your family, you definitely want the best and would want one of the most popular places that are known for providing family vacations.

The best destination for your family would be Georgia; here is a list of the places that you can visit-
Stone Mountain Park: one of the major attractions, it is the largest granite mountain exposed.

Zoo Atlantic: get to see a wide variety of species, the most exotic collection of birds and animals.

Savannah Children’s Theatre: the perfect place for the kids. The mad antics of the professional actors are sure to make your day.

Big Sandy Creek Dairy Farm: Can be a learning experience for the family about the operation of a farm, surely an entertainment of a different kind.