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Top Places to Visit in Shanghai

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Shanghai is one of the most popular places to visit in China. It’s a perfect combination of old historical places along with the modern architectural sites. Since last decade Shanghai has developed itself as a model for 21st century China. This combination of old and new monuments along with vigorous beauty and ancient Chinese culture attracts lots of people to take a visit of Shanghai. Here is a list of top places to take a look at in Shanghai.

The Bund and Huangpu River

The BundLocated on the Zongshan road along the Huangpu River, Bund is very famous tourist destination. The mother river of shanghai, Huangpu river divides the city into east and west parts and it assembles the splendid attractions of the city. Bund is considered to be the symbol of Shanghai and it consist various buildings with beautiful architectural designs. There is 1.5 kilometers long walk where you can see scenery of Huangpu River and on the other side you can see the development of Luijazui district. The architecture around Bund is so famous that it is recognized as “world architectural fair” which consist various tall building such as Baroque style, classical style, roman style, gothic style, renaissance style and it also shows combination of western and Chinese style. It is also a fantastic spot for lovers.

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan gardenConstructed with Ming and Qing architectural styles, Yuyuan garden is one of the most ancient garden of shanghai. This garden is an escape zone offering peace and comfort from the fast life of the surrounding city. This garden consists of 6 different areas with style of its own. This 16th century garden can be visited for days as it possesses 30 pavilions and an area of over 5 acres. With such a vast place to visit the most remarkable place is the grand rockery. There is a huge sculpture which is 46 feet high is combined with two thousand tons of rare yellow stones and rice glue. There is a spring hall in the garden where you can see the great number of weapons, announcements and homemade coins of the ancient dagger association. You can also take a visit to the stone city where there is extraordinary collection of stone gallery, engravings and stone sculpture which gives a eye stuck vision to the tourists.

Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl TowerConsidered to be the 4th highest tower in Asia and 6th highest in the world, Oriental pearl tower is 468 meters high. The construction of this huge tower was initiated on 30th July 1991 and it ended on 1st October 1991. It is located in Lujiazui, pudong and in the northwest it is surrounded by Yangpu Bridge while on the southwest it is surrounded by Nanpu Bridge. The most attractive part of this tower is its architectural design which stops many to the people to take its view. It is designed in such a way that it is lied on the rich green grassland and the whole structure is such that looks like there is a pearl shinning on a jade plate. There are 3 large spheres which serve as an observation deck. Then there are 3 smaller spheres and 3 decorative spheres onto the tower base.




Tips on saving money while travelling abroad

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Travel abroad, travel tipsWhile travelling abroad you can easily get into a place where you will get yourself in a place where you end up spending up much. It is always necessary to save money while travelling abroad. With proper knowledge you can easily get into a position where you can save more and spend less. Here are some tips that would help you while travelling abroad in saving some money.

• You should know about the cards that you can use in the foreign land. Not only this you can also get some knowledge of the rates and charges that your bank will charge while using it there.
• You also need to know about the foreign exchange rate. Exchanging your currency in the proper time will help you in getting more while exchanging your currency there.
• By knowing the proper places of exchanging the money you can save the extra charges that are being charged by the various organizations.
• You can also get yourself a traveler’s card that allow you to use the public transport system at a very nominal charge.
So use this tips while travelling to foreign lands to save some good amount of money.

Guide On Booking Transportation Vehicles In Advance

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Guide On Booking Transportation Vehicles In AdvanceCar rental services from airports are very popular these days. If you are traveling to some place through an airport, then one of the best ways to travel around your destination is through a car rental service. Most of these car rental companies provide drivers or you can also opt to drive around on your own. You can book your car rentals in advance online as well. This way your car will be waiting for you the moment you land. Just make sure that you carry your driving license and age proof as well.

You can choose your pick up and drop off spots and you can also choose to pick the kind of car you want. If you pick a driver then you will have an experienced hand to guide you around the city or town you are in. these kinds of services are also very useful for business travelers who don’t have the time to wait for public transport between meetings.

An account on travelling green

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Travel green, travel tipsAre you planning for a holiday? Or are you looking to travel to an adventurous place? There are many options where you can consider going, but if you are trying to make your trip green, then you should plan your trip carefully. Try to think of some place which is not very far from your home. In short you should think of some place where you can reach easily without the consumption of much fuel.

While planning about conveyance, instead of the conventional means like car, bike, etc try thinking of such means which run with other means of energy. You can consider travelling in electric or battery operated car or also in some biodiesel car.

After you have reached the place, look for such a hotel or resort which uses solar or wind energy as the source of electricity to meet the guest’s demands. Thus you can proudly boast of spending a green holiday.

Packing for a camping getaway

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

camping getaway, travel guideGoing on a camping trip is one of the best ways of enjoying yourself and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city once in a while. Camping is a necessity for every adventure junkie and also for a nature lover. However going on a camp also means going away from some basic necessities that we are so used to.

It is therefore of extreme importance that you pack in all the things that are and might be required. Personal hygiene is the first thing to take care of and always pack in extra soaps, detergents, antiseptic hand wash and towels. Carrying comfortable clothes that cover you up are the best. Also pack in hats, caps, shades and handkerchiefs. Another important thing that should be packed in is medicines. Make sure that you carry a first aid box that is well equipped to handle emergencies. Packing in quick food is also important.