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Things to do in Manchester

Monday, September 15th, 2014

travel manchesterManchester has become a totally new city now after 20 years of the industrial period. It being the home of many relics of the industrial revolution, has become one of the finest historic collections that UK has today.

The People’s Museum:

The People’s Museum has reopened in 2010 after spending about 12.5million pounds on its renovation. This is Manchester’s only museum and tells a story of British democracy that is 200-years old. The city has seen everything starting from political reform to universal suffrage and global co-operative movement.

Feel the clouds:

The bar that gets the most tourist attraction is Cloud 23 which is at the 23’r floor of the Beetham Tower. You get to see a totally different side of the city of Manchester when on top of this. The windows here are from the floor to the ceiling and so give a clear view from every corner. The best time to visit the bar on the clouds is when dusk arrives and you can see a stream of twinkling lights below that form a bejeweled carpet on the metropolis.

Be a part of the Cultural Festivals:

The bi-annual Manchester International Festival started in 2007 and is still going on. This made the city of Manchester dig deep into culture. Ballet, documentaries, haunted house inspired shows all are showed in this festival. Many other events like singing, song writing, opera, concerts take place. All in all, the whole experience will surely be very new to you and also thrilling. The city has galleries, theatres and music events that make sure that they are of equally similar creative standards. The music festival takes place in October and the experimental music along with arts and electronics happen in May.

Shop to your heart’s content:

Every end of the retail spectrum forms the best shopping experience in Manchester. The high end and big brand are for the King Street shoppers but if you are into the quirky items, you can easily find them in the independent boutiques or shops all around the Northern Quarter. The crafts and design Centre is a creative hub that had been established long back to support the local gems that have immense amount of talent. Labels like Motel and Jack Zack, Retro Rehab has their own set of vintage garments that have been worked on again and are within anyone’s shopping range. Afflecks Palace is a four storied shopping arena made for the new designers. They have club wear, fancy dresses, gifts and vintage clothes.

The cultural corridor opens for you:

The locals call the thundering traffic through Oxford Road as Manchester’s cultural corridor as it has uncountable galleries, museums and theatres. The northern end of the road connects through the center to the south of the Manchester leading you to Cornerhouse which is the city’s most famous complex of contemporary art. The other end has Whitworth Art Gallery. In between these two lies many theatres, the Manchester Museum and the campus of Manchester University. There are many gothic buildings that had been designed by Alfred Waterhouse.

UK and its historical connections

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

stone henge in UKUK is one of the richest places in the world when it comes to history and culture. The British Empire has witnessed a lot of ups and downs to make a mark in the world history. King Arthur is one of the most controversial characters. Some historians believe that he was a soldier who fought with the British kings against the Saxons in the 9th century. He rose to power and many great battles have been associated with him.

In some of the ancient manuscripts, Arthur has been portrayed as a mighty fighter and a hero. For several years historians have been working to find a valid proof that will remove all doubts regarding the existence of Arthur. The history of UK revolves around legends of Arthur. Monuments to museums, every place will lead you to King Arthur. Halloween is a festival which has a lot of historical significance in UK. It began almost 2000 years ago. The day is celebrated when the world of the living and the dead merges together. It all started in the reign of the Celts when Christianity spread.