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Top 3 Dubai Delights

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Dubai Delights, travel DubaiDubai is a very wonderful place to spend a holiday. There are many places of tourist interest in Dubai which you must visit during your holiday. You can book a suite in the Burj Al Arab, the tallest hotel of the world. Spending time there during your holiday will be lifetime experience. Entering the hotel’s fleet in a Rolls Royce and enjoying the awesome experience in the Assawan Spa are such things which you should try definitely. You can also dine at the Al Mahara, world’s first underwater restaurant, with the fishes and other aquatic creatures.

You can also spend some time in the wonderful sandy beaches of Dubai. You can relax in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and enjoy all the amenities and benefits associated with a world class beach front resort.

You can also enjoy the marine adventure and gain a lifetime experience in Pavillion Dive Centre In Dubai. So the next time when you visit Dubai, don’t forget to enjoy these world class delights.

Tunisia: Come feel the charm of Arabia

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

travel photo from tunisiaIf you wish to enjoy a perfect holiday in the lap of Nature with sea on one side and mountains on the other, you should pay a visit to Tunisia. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert which also plays the main role in the drastic climatic changes. The coastline of Tunisia stretches around 15,000 km and it is a heaven for the sea lovers. You can enjoy both the extremes over here whether it is summer or winter.

Tunisia is known for its rich history also which makes it one of the best tourist destinations. Tunisian architecture is basically Arabian as most of the residents are Arabians. Tunisia is also used in film production because of its natural beauty which is not affected by industrialization and commercialization. Have a great time in Tunisia with your beloved and let the cool breeze and warmth seep in you.

Palma: an island destination at its best

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

view from palm islandsIf you wish to have a good time enjoying at the warm beaches and let the waves kiss your feet, you can visit the island of Palma. The extraordinary beautiful landscape, greenery everywhere and fascinating atmosphere will calm down your nerves. The place is great for relaxing and taking a break from the busy city life. It is an ideal beach spot to walk hand in hand with your beloved or spend some enjoyable moments with your family.

La Palma belongs to the Canary Islands and it flaunts mesmerizing natural beauty. If you wish to see the magic of Nature, the place is ideal for a vacation. This western African Island remains warm throughout the year and thus a hot spot for tourists during winter. The warm sunrays will give you relief from the cold winters. You can go for surfing, diving or just take a sunbath. Flights from UK are available on daily basis. So, set out on your journey now.