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Top Places to Visit in Fiji

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Close your eyes and think about Fiji for five minutes. I am sure you would be dazzled in a totally different world. Now you might be thinking will your beautiful imagination of picturising Fiji match up actual Fiji. Actual Fiji would be a bit more beautiful than your imagination. Fiji is such a wonderful place to spend your vacations in. Consisting of 300 islands and nicknamed as pearl of the pacific, Fiji is very famous for its crystal beaches, clear waters and tropical forests. If you are awaiting thrill, if you are awaiting adventure or even if you are awaiting a calm relaxation all you can get at Fiji. If you want to explore nature or its beauty or if you want to explore historic places come to Fiji and get your wish done.

  • Sigatoka river safari

sigatoka river safariThis river is the longest river on the whole island of the viti levu. It is about ten miles long and it runs from the hills of the province of navosa to the dunes of sand in the coral coast of kulukulu. There are jet boat safari tours through which you can explore the river. This river runs straight into the heart of Fiji. The water of the river is so fresh and alive and this thing is clearly seen in the marine life of the river. The aquatic life of Sigatoka River contains prawns, eels, mussels and many of the fresh water fishes. Take a swimming beneath the surface of the river and meet with this aquatic life. Safari tour would take you to sigatoka valley which is scenic spot and it is known as salad bowl as there is a large production of vegetables there.

  • Kula Eco park

Kula eco parkMost threatened species of many of the areas li8ve at Kula Eco Park. Many of the tropical bird species like red musk parrot, golden dove, peregrine falcon reside in the Kula Eco Park. Other species like iguanas and kula lorikeets also live in Kula Eco Park. Visitors stay amazed and got to learn many things from the park. It’s a great example of revitalizing animals and birds existence. This park also contains a great tropical jungle which has many of the rope bridges which leads you to the vast vegetation, fruits, varied trees and lots of flora.  It’s just a great experience to visit this park.

  • Museum of Fiji

Fiji MuseumIf you want to explore the history of Fiji, take a visit to the Fiji museum. There is an amazing botanical garden and a variety of prized memorabilia. There is adjoining of three buildings which showcase a art gallery, history gallery and an indo Fijian gallery along with rotating exhibitions. There are several pieces which depicts of the history of Fiji like cannibal forks, war clubs and shell jewelry.  The most auspicious thing to have a look at is masi cloth. This masi cloth is of decorative fabrics which is hand-woven and it is customarily used for the ceremonial occasions.

5 Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

valentines day tripTo go on a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day is a fine romantic gesture you can make for your partner. It is beyond doubt that as a romantic gesture, going on a romantic getaway is far better than giving your significant other a long stem rose or a box of chocolate. Below are five places that you can visit on Valentine’s Day in America:
• You can visit the city of Savannah in the state of Georgia. It is the state’s oldest city. The streets of downtown Savannah are filled with history and the people there are known to be friendly. You’re likely to find the weather there to be mild. You will also find the architecture there to be charming. There are also many green parks there having oak trees and Spanish Moss. There are also a number of public squares scattered throughout the city. You will also find art galleries and Boutiques there. You will also find the coastline there to be wonderful and a number of parks are also there in the surrounding areas.

• You can also spend a romantic weekend in New Orleans. You’re sure to find the place to be lively and you will also find Creole food there which originated in Louisiana. The Creole cuisine is famous internationally. The music there will lift your spirits. You will find Spanish architecture, French and even Victorian. The oldest area of the city of New Orleans is the French Quarter. It is also filled with restaurants, bars, and museums etc that bear testimony to history.

• San Francisco is also a wonderful place where you can be with your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can have long walks there. Temperate climate prevails over San Francisco. The nightlife of San Francisco is lively. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful sunshine and also there are a number of public parks in the city where you can take a romantic walk with your partner. There are also a number of restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining. Events are held in the theaters there throughout the year.

• If your partner or you love beaches then you should consider spending the Valentine’s Day in Miami. The night life at Miami is lively. You will find plenty of artworks in Miami. You are likely to find a great weather in Miami. You will also find local and celebrity restaurants in Miami. You will also find a variety of Bars in Miami. The Miami coastline is vast and is also scenic. In Miami you will also find exotic wild animals. If you want to spend your Valentine’s Day luxuriously then Miami is the place you should go.

• New York is also a good place to be on Valentine’s Day. It is said that you can spend a date just by walking the streets of New York. In New York you will find good food at low price. In New York you can have a fine dining experience also. You will have to spend a lot for accommodation in New York but you are not likely to regret it.

Guide To The Beautiful Beaches Of Barbados

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Beaches Of BarbadosNation of islands with an ideal location in the Lesser Antilles situated in the Atlantic Ocean and plates of the Caribbean and South America flank the island of Barbados. Along the stretches of the coastline it boasts of innumerable beaches which offer stunning picture. Your holiday becomes absolutely laidback if you stay in the boutique hotels in and around the beaches during the peak seasons of each and every beach’s visit.

The locations of the beaches in Barbados are significant for the guide. The four cardinal directions are spread with beaches. In the Northern and Eastern beach of the coast there are coral reefs along the pristine shore. You should know that due to strong waves and ocean currents the beach is considered unfit for non experienced swimmers. This is a place for strolling, tanning, enjoying scenic beauty. Cattlewash and Soup Bowl for beauty and surfing respectively are ideal places. There are many bays in the northern side which can be checked out for exploration of the caves.

Southern and Western beaches of the coast are ideal for dip and swim in the calm waters. Aquatic activities, snorkelling are the common activities. You can also join the party or go in an underwater park Folkstone Marine Park, museums or shopping there are a host of facilities which you can enjoy in the nearby areas. The waters in the western coast of the beach are sapphire combined with golden beaches. You can also bask in the glory of sunlight in the morning in the southern coast of the beach which is lively than the other beaches.

Some of the popular beaches of Barbados include:

• Bath beach – most popular and ideal beach for swimming. Small children can swim under the supervision of the adults. There are boutique hotels nearby so no problem of parking. You can go in for picnics and enjoy a small waterfall in the nearby area. Visitors and locals all throng the beach. A snack bar is there. Most importantly it has a changing room. Two churches and a museum nearby are the tourist attraction.

• Accra Beach – situated in the south coast has white sand along its fine coast. Almost everyone from families to couples and locals to tourist go to the beach. You can rent bogie boards but the conditions of surfing vary. Under the casuarinas, exploration of the stalls and sunbathing are the activities you can indulge in.

• Enterprise beach or the Miami beach – 250 yard long strands of white sand magical beach is a favourite local beach. For a stroll, a dip and for weekends the Barbadians hang out in the beach. You can have superb lunch in the beach or enjoy a picnic.

• Crane Beach – also hailed as the most stunning beach of Barbados it is embossed with cliffs of limestone and groves of palms. Those who enjoy their stay at the Crane Resort go out there but it is not ideal for small children.
The beaches are lined with exotic white and pink sands on beautiful terrain of Barbados.

Top 5 places in Malaysia

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

places in MalaysiaMalaysia is one of the most sought destinations today receiving tons of tourists every year, from all over the globe. The oriental delight amazes its tourists wit a great host of fantastic attractions, assuring a real cherishing holiday.

Kuala Lampur

Kuala Lampur is the capital city of the oriental country and is much loved among the tourists. The dazzling city is especially famous for its stellar shopping malls- shopping in Malaysia is a significant aspect of tourism in the country thanks to its grand swanky shopping malls beckoning with a wealth of lucrative purchases. The best part is that prices are really affordable no matter how plush the malls are.


You should not miss out on Penang on your Malaysia trip. Penang features a unique blend of oriental & occidental culture, making itself as one of the most sought after destinations. The tourists here especially rave about the lip-smacking and versatile culinary delights, ranging from Malay to Indian cuisines. The colonial era still has its influence in Penang which is evident from the series of very English edifices standing right next to Sino architectural specimens.


Sabah is a great destination in Malaysia with its beach & scenic island beauty. The place is tagged as the paradise for nature lovers in the country. You will simply love the picturesque Sidapan Island beaches while the serene vista of Mt. Kinabalu is equally awe-inspiring. Trekking opportunities are encouraged here. Do not miss out on the UN World Heritage Kinabalu Park.

Langkwai Island

Langkwai Island is one of the most loved tourist delights in Malaysia. This breathtakingly beautiful island is situated in northwestern edge of Malaysia Peninsula & according to many it’s the most beautiful in the entire world. The island assures good affordable accommodations and it’s tranquil ambience ensures a fantastic getaway for those in need of a relaxing break from the daily hustle-bustle of life. You will find great mall here as well as sumptuous eateries. Mopeds are available on rent if you wish to explore the island on your own. Apart from the great vista, Langkwai Island is especially renowned for its rich flora & fauna.

Perhentian Island

If you are looking forward to some great aquatic adventures amidst a scenic backdrop, the Perhentian Island is just the one for your Malaysia holiday. The island allows great adventure activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. You are promised of a very affordable stay here.

Johannesburg: The city of Gold

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

travel JohannesburgDo you want to know the history attached with the famous capital of South Africa? Well, you must be wondering that why this city is called “The city of Gold” or why it’s called that this city was built upon a gold reef. Read the following details and you will get a fair idea of it.

Looking back:

In, 1886, since the time gold mining started in Johannesburg; it was known that this city has a huge chunk of gold as one of its primary minerals. As soon as the 20th century ended, Johannesburg was officially declared as the owner of world’s one third gold resources. Naturally, the region was also stated to be a rich and proud provider of huge economic wealth.

Gold reef city tourism:

Those who are willing to witness the gold mines of Johannesburg on their own, must visit the theme park of gold reef city. Coupled with rich history, visiting this place will give you a fair idea about the gold mine that was explored in 19th century just a stone’s throw away from this theme park. The city theme park is a combination of ancient values and modern ideas. Not only you can visit the museum where you can delve into knowing the history of city of gold, you can also, like any other youngsters visit the endless shops for a memorable shopping stint at northern hemisphere.

Travel guide:

The city theme park has its own website from where you can get a lot of useful information about visiting this park. Though any long period vacation like summer or winter breaks are fine, but you should remember that this park is not open during Christmas. Since the park is located in Soweto, you can avail the shuttle or bus service to get to the destination. Visiting Johannesburg must include a trip to Apartheid Museum from where you will able to know about the rich history of African freedom struggle. The museum of Mandela House, Square Stands, War Memorial are also some of the fascinating places to visit in the land of Madiba.

So, pack your bags, book your tickets and head for the golden city to experience the golden days in Johannesburg. Also, visit the authentic jewelry shops in the African hotspot and purchase raw gold and gold jewelry as much as you want.

Travelling Brazil During World Cup 2014

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Travelling BrazilOne of the most significant events of 2014 is surely the World Cup Football and it’s more special given that it would be hosted by Brazil- the homeland of most famous footballer of all times and soccer legend Pele. Are you too planning a trip to the South American country during the grand football fiesta? Well, then, here is a short guide highlighting on what not to miss out in your upcoming Brazil trip.

The most important Brazilian football stadiums are Rio de Janeiro stadium, Brasilia, Sau Paulo Stadium, Belo Horizonte, Cuiaba Stadium, Salvador Stadium.

The Rio de Janeiro stadium is located at Maracana. You should not miss out on Ipanema Beach here and you will simply love the favela tour. Moreover you will have the opportunity to enjoy a cable car ride here- choro music & dance are other attractions.

Brasilia Stadium is located at Estadio Nacional. Apart from the soccer antics that you would enjoy inside the stadium- a tour nearby will take you to lip-smacking steakhouses, Niemeyer’s edgy architecture as well as the chance to watch armadillos and maned wolves at Brasilia National Park.

Sau Paulo stadium is situated at Sau Paulo. The place offers excellent clubbing and a sumptuous gastronomic experience. Moreover, you will also love the lush Costa Verde woods.

The Belo Horizonte stadium is located at Mineirao, the place famous for the delicious comida mineira dishes & of course the local cachacas. You will also enjoy the art gallery and Serra Espinhaco Biosphere.

Cuiaba stadium is located at Arena Pantanal which promises much fun stuff for the tourists here. These include piranha fishing, riverboat cruises and jaguar spotting.

Salvador Stadium is situated at Arena Fonte Nova. A visit to Arena Nova enables you to gorge on the great Bahian dishes and explore the old churches of colonial era as well as relish African drumming.

Travel To Turkey

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Travel To TurkeyIn order to witness the perfect blend of eastern mysticism and western capitalism, you have to visit Turkey which is perhaps a very ancient and exotic country of Europe. If you happen to be in love with history then you should make it a point to visit this Eurasian country where history literally comes into existence. The coastline of Turkey is absolutely beautiful and it is dotted by mesmerizing golden and sandy beaches.

Turkey is home to many enchanting rivers, lakes, mountain ranges because of which it has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. You can indulge in various outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing or trekking if you are fond of adventures. In addition to that, you can take part in numerous water sports as well.

Some of the major tourist attractions that are situated in Turkey are: Marmaris, Kalkan, Izmir, Istanbul, Fethiye, Didim, Cappadocia, Bodrum, Alanya, Antalya, Ephesus, Ankara, Pamukkale and so on. In all of these places you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest because these places reflect the history of Turkey in ways unimaginable. Your holiday in Turkey will be incomplete if you do not stop by to behold the ruins of Troy which is located in Canakkale (Turkish Province). You must also visit the ruins of the city Pergamon which is situated in Bergama.

If you want to travel to Turkey on a tight budget then travel experts advise that you should avail of the tour packages that are available at affordable prices. You do not have to spend much in Turkey because the living and accommodation costs here are extremely reasonable. The cuisine of Turkey is also very delicious. The rich tradition, culture and history of Turkey are surely going to enchant you and you are going to have unforgettable holiday in this Eurasian country.

Trip to Caribbean!!

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Trip to CaribbeanVisiting Caribbean is considered as one of the best places for the tourist to tour around. Some of the attractive spots to trip here are as follows;-

St Kitts and Nevis – This place is well known for its scenic beauty clear blue skies, and white sandy beaches. It is also very famous wedding destination spot. Here you can live in many resorts and hotels. You can hire ferries to visit Nevis which is another island.

Aruba – It has stunning beaches. You can visit dynamic clubs and can enjoy all exciting night activities. It is quite safe for the families but accommodations could be expensive.
Cayman islands- This is one of the most charming islands providing extremely incredible diving sites. It also offers some reasonable hotels.

Barbados- Apart from attractive beaches, golf courses, and prolific resorts like Barbados also provides the tourist to enjoy some terrific activities. You should try the bittersweet taste of mount ray gum. You should also enjoy the night parties and go for horse riding.

A british virgin islands- One remark that describes the British Virgin Islands is aristocratic. The deluxe and classy British culture of this place will be an experience to memorize, though it can be a little expensive. This place is ideal for swimming surfing and other water sports.

Dominica- It could be the wonderful destination for the eco tourist who want to live within a limited budget. They can enjoy the waterfall and life trail in the Morne Trios Pitons National Park.

Bermuda- You can enjoy drinking tea with biscuits in afternoon at cheap rates in hotels. It is another island with advanced British culture.

Turks and Caicos- Besides the renowned grace bay, Turks and Caicos has some of the most amazing beaches in the Caribbean.

St.Barts- It is another costly destination spot. Here you can see the beaches in khaki color separating the lush Green Island and turquoise water.

Organizing a school trip in winter

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

school trip in winterWhen it comes to the issue of organizing a school trip you must not take the issue in a light manner. As a matter of fact, it might prove to be tricky chore for you. In case you are not prepared enough you might have to face significant amount of trouble for sure. You surely do not want this. Isn’t that right? There are certain points which you need to consider while organizing a school trip in winter. Here the points go like this:

• Be particular about field trips- Field trips happen to be an important part and parcel of organizing a school trip in winter. You do need to be particular about field trips. You need to ensure that you are prepared or geared up enough in this regard.
• Take care of ancillary activities- It is a fact that there happens to be a spate of ancillary activities in connection with these trips to be held in winter. For example there might be some social dinner activities. There might be some social gathering. There may be some exciting excursions. Take care of these ancillary activities in a completely precise manner.
• Think of proper arrangements- Think of proper arrangements before you are even going to set out. It is really important that you think of proper arrangement issues beforehand. You need to consider about the booking related issues in the first place. They happen to be a trouble most of the time. If it is sorted half of the trouble is sorted.

You should take the proposition of organizing a school trip in winter on a serious note. Make it sure that you are going to keep a very close eye on the facts mentioned above in details.

Being in beautiful Bangkok

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

beautiful BangkokThis city, capital of Thailand is buzzing with modernization and life. Bangkok top the list of ‘most-to-do-things’. You can go to visit the cultural places or sights in this city or engage yourself in shopping that never ends. You can also take a break to see some of the other wonders. Once bored with all the sightseeing and shopping you will obviously feel like grabbing a bit. Bangkok has amazing restaurants with all kinds of cuisine which will make you feel less hungry by the end of the day. The native people of Bangkok are friendly and kind which makes you feel special.

The Grand Palace being the home of the monarch and other very important Thailand officials is one of the most fancy tourist attractions here in Bangkok. It is overwhelming to look at. The architecture used for its construction is most beautiful to look at. The walls of this palace are designed with gold and the overall look is quite enchanting.

The temples here in Bangkok are beautiful and mesmerising to look at. Not only this, but they also make you feel closer to the Thai culture and tradition. The two main temples of Thailand are the Wat-Pho and Wat-Arun . These are very famous among the locals of Thailand. The architecture on these temples actually gives you an insight on the rich culture of Bangkok and its natives.

Chinatown is the food haven of Thailand. With uncountable varieties of available street food it is heaven for those who love food and more so street food. It gives us a more intricate peek-a-boo in the lives of the locals and thus the culture of this city.

Another worth visiting tourist place is the floating market. Home cooked Thai food, coconut water; tropical fruits are some of the things sold here.