Being in beautiful Bangkok

beautiful BangkokThis city, capital of Thailand is buzzing with modernization and life. Bangkok top the list of ‘most-to-do-things’. You can go to visit the cultural places or sights in this city or engage yourself in shopping that never ends. You can also take a break to see some of the other wonders. Once bored with all the sightseeing and shopping you will obviously feel like grabbing a bit. Bangkok has amazing restaurants with all kinds of cuisine which will make you feel less hungry by the end of the day. The native people of Bangkok are friendly and kind which makes you feel special.

The Grand Palace being the home of the monarch and other very important Thailand officials is one of the most fancy tourist attractions here in Bangkok. It is overwhelming to look at. The architecture used for its construction is most beautiful to look at. The walls of this palace are designed with gold and the overall look is quite enchanting.

The temples here in Bangkok are beautiful and mesmerising to look at. Not only this, but they also make you feel closer to the Thai culture and tradition. The two main temples of Thailand are the Wat-Pho and Wat-Arun . These are very famous among the locals of Thailand. The architecture on these temples actually gives you an insight on the rich culture of Bangkok and its natives.

Chinatown is the food haven of Thailand. With uncountable varieties of available street food it is heaven for those who love food and more so street food. It gives us a more intricate peek-a-boo in the lives of the locals and thus the culture of this city.

Another worth visiting tourist place is the floating market. Home cooked Thai food, coconut water; tropical fruits are some of the things sold here.

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