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Top Places to Visit in Fiji

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Close your eyes and think about Fiji for five minutes. I am sure you would be dazzled in a totally different world. Now you might be thinking will your beautiful imagination of picturising Fiji match up actual Fiji. Actual Fiji would be a bit more beautiful than your imagination. Fiji is such a wonderful place to spend your vacations in. Consisting of 300 islands and nicknamed as pearl of the pacific, Fiji is very famous for its crystal beaches, clear waters and tropical forests. If you are awaiting thrill, if you are awaiting adventure or even if you are awaiting a calm relaxation all you can get at Fiji. If you want to explore nature or its beauty or if you want to explore historic places come to Fiji and get your wish done.

  • Sigatoka river safari

sigatoka river safariThis river is the longest river on the whole island of the viti levu. It is about ten miles long and it runs from the hills of the province of navosa to the dunes of sand in the coral coast of kulukulu. There are jet boat safari tours through which you can explore the river. This river runs straight into the heart of Fiji. The water of the river is so fresh and alive and this thing is clearly seen in the marine life of the river. The aquatic life of Sigatoka River contains prawns, eels, mussels and many of the fresh water fishes. Take a swimming beneath the surface of the river and meet with this aquatic life. Safari tour would take you to sigatoka valley which is scenic spot and it is known as salad bowl as there is a large production of vegetables there.

  • Kula Eco park

Kula eco parkMost threatened species of many of the areas li8ve at Kula Eco Park. Many of the tropical bird species like red musk parrot, golden dove, peregrine falcon reside in the Kula Eco Park. Other species like iguanas and kula lorikeets also live in Kula Eco Park. Visitors stay amazed and got to learn many things from the park. It’s a great example of revitalizing animals and birds existence. This park also contains a great tropical jungle which has many of the rope bridges which leads you to the vast vegetation, fruits, varied trees and lots of flora.  It’s just a great experience to visit this park.

  • Museum of Fiji

Fiji MuseumIf you want to explore the history of Fiji, take a visit to the Fiji museum. There is an amazing botanical garden and a variety of prized memorabilia. There is adjoining of three buildings which showcase a art gallery, history gallery and an indo Fijian gallery along with rotating exhibitions. There are several pieces which depicts of the history of Fiji like cannibal forks, war clubs and shell jewelry.  The most auspicious thing to have a look at is masi cloth. This masi cloth is of decorative fabrics which is hand-woven and it is customarily used for the ceremonial occasions.