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5 Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

valentines day tripTo go on a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day is a fine romantic gesture you can make for your partner. It is beyond doubt that as a romantic gesture, going on a romantic getaway is far better than giving your significant other a long stem rose or a box of chocolate. Below are five places that you can visit on Valentine’s Day in America:
• You can visit the city of Savannah in the state of Georgia. It is the state’s oldest city. The streets of downtown Savannah are filled with history and the people there are known to be friendly. You’re likely to find the weather there to be mild. You will also find the architecture there to be charming. There are also many green parks there having oak trees and Spanish Moss. There are also a number of public squares scattered throughout the city. You will also find art galleries and Boutiques there. You will also find the coastline there to be wonderful and a number of parks are also there in the surrounding areas.

• You can also spend a romantic weekend in New Orleans. You’re sure to find the place to be lively and you will also find Creole food there which originated in Louisiana. The Creole cuisine is famous internationally. The music there will lift your spirits. You will find Spanish architecture, French and even Victorian. The oldest area of the city of New Orleans is the French Quarter. It is also filled with restaurants, bars, and museums etc that bear testimony to history.

• San Francisco is also a wonderful place where you can be with your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can have long walks there. Temperate climate prevails over San Francisco. The nightlife of San Francisco is lively. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful sunshine and also there are a number of public parks in the city where you can take a romantic walk with your partner. There are also a number of restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining. Events are held in the theaters there throughout the year.

• If your partner or you love beaches then you should consider spending the Valentine’s Day in Miami. The night life at Miami is lively. You will find plenty of artworks in Miami. You are likely to find a great weather in Miami. You will also find local and celebrity restaurants in Miami. You will also find a variety of Bars in Miami. The Miami coastline is vast and is also scenic. In Miami you will also find exotic wild animals. If you want to spend your Valentine’s Day luxuriously then Miami is the place you should go.

• New York is also a good place to be on Valentine’s Day. It is said that you can spend a date just by walking the streets of New York. In New York you will find good food at low price. In New York you can have a fine dining experience also. You will have to spend a lot for accommodation in New York but you are not likely to regret it.