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Being in beautiful Bangkok

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

beautiful BangkokThis city, capital of Thailand is buzzing with modernization and life. Bangkok top the list of ‘most-to-do-things’. You can go to visit the cultural places or sights in this city or engage yourself in shopping that never ends. You can also take a break to see some of the other wonders. Once bored with all the sightseeing and shopping you will obviously feel like grabbing a bit. Bangkok has amazing restaurants with all kinds of cuisine which will make you feel less hungry by the end of the day. The native people of Bangkok are friendly and kind which makes you feel special.

The Grand Palace being the home of the monarch and other very important Thailand officials is one of the most fancy tourist attractions here in Bangkok. It is overwhelming to look at. The architecture used for its construction is most beautiful to look at. The walls of this palace are designed with gold and the overall look is quite enchanting.

The temples here in Bangkok are beautiful and mesmerising to look at. Not only this, but they also make you feel closer to the Thai culture and tradition. The two main temples of Thailand are the Wat-Pho and Wat-Arun . These are very famous among the locals of Thailand. The architecture on these temples actually gives you an insight on the rich culture of Bangkok and its natives.

Chinatown is the food haven of Thailand. With uncountable varieties of available street food it is heaven for those who love food and more so street food. It gives us a more intricate peek-a-boo in the lives of the locals and thus the culture of this city.

Another worth visiting tourist place is the floating market. Home cooked Thai food, coconut water; tropical fruits are some of the things sold here.

Traveling Tips For People Visiting The Middle East

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Visiting The Middle EastMiddle East is that sector of the world that has a perfect blend of culture and history of the different countries that are located here. When you will visit the Middle Eastern countries, you will notice that none of them is touched by modernization. The historical and cultural places located in the Middle East are fascinating. But before you visit the Middle East it is essential that you get acquainted with some of the rules and regulations that are followed in this area.

Always remember that you should not carry pornography materials and guns when you are traveling to Middle East. Avoid visiting the countries of Middle East during the month of Ramadan. Well if you are into drugs then it advised that you do not pack drugs in your luggage because once you are caught in any of the Middle Eastern countries like Egypt or Bahrain then you can get death penalty for your offence.

Visas need to be approved and acquired after following a long and laborious procedure. If you have a visa already for Israel then getting a visa for visiting any other Middle Eastern country can become very difficult. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait etc are not opened for tourism. Also make sure that you pack proper and conservative clothing for your trip to Middle East because shorts or short skirts are not allowed in Middle Eastern countries.

Do not consume alcohol in any of the countries in Middle East. Since the weather conditions in Middle East are hot and dry, you must hydrate continuously by drinking bottled and treated water. Avoid traveling to areas in the Middle East which are considered to be dangerous and are prone to all kinds of regional or religious conflicts. Always follow the currency regulations of Middle East because these are very strict.

Taking a trip to Florence

Monday, October 7th, 2013

trip to FlorenceThe city of Florence is best known as the cradle of Italian Renaissance and is famous for a superior concentration of art & architecture from the Renaissance era. The region is the capital of Tuscany and it’s amazing attractions have been pulling in hordes of visitors from all over the world for centuries. Are you too planning a trip to Florence off late? Well, that’s great and here is a brief on the must-visits in your Florence itinerary.

The first thing to visit while you are at Florence is Piazza della Signoria. The beautiful town square is enriched in historical significance and has been serving as the most important hub for politics and many prestigious episodes that have taken place in the city. Then, you have Palazzo Vecchio. It’s a magnificent palace standing high overlooking Piazza Signoria. The palace was the home for the esteemed Medici family in the city and has been the governing body of Florence for 6 centuries. It was erected in 12th C and now serves partly as town hall and partly as museum. You will just love the majestic artworks lining up the palace including beautiful sculptures, frescoes, the painted ceilings as well as intricate carvings & tapestries depicting memorable historic & biblical events.

Florence houses one of the best art museums of the world, namely Uffizi Gallery. The great art museum features several master-pieces by the legendary Italian artists such as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Titian and da Vinci. You should not miss out on Piazza Repubblica while you are exploring the beautiful Tuscany capital. It’s a remarkable square here featuring historic cafes-most notable of these are Rosse, Donnini, Gilli etc. that were the popular joints of the intellectuals and artists from the Renaissance Era. Visit Piazza Repubblica for a taste of the exotic Florence pastry and espresso.