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Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Great Barrier Reef, adventure travelThe Great Barrier Reef of Australia is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. And therefore it goes without saying that the beauty of this place is indescribable. The largest reef system of the world is also one of the most accessible reef systems of world. Here the adventurous activity of snorkeling is going to be like a dream come true.

The diverse underwater ecosystem and the scenic view make the snorkeling a perfect activity here. This activity is not only fun but also very educative in increasing the awareness of marine life. Baby sea turtles, giant clams and red bass are some of the things that you will surely catch in the submerged warm waters of the sea. There are many safety facilities available which are provided by the excursion companies. There are many options available for a new swimmer and confident swimmers as well. This way you are bound to make the most of your trip to Great Barrier Reef.

Musée d’Histoire Contemporaine: Yet another Museum to Check out When in Paris

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Musée d'Histoire ContemporaineWhen we are in Paris, we think of the Eiffel Tower, a romantic boat ride, down the Seine River or we think of visiting historical or artistic places like the Louvre Museum or the Norte Dam Cathedral. Yes, Paris truly is the place to visit some of the most beautiful artwork made by artists over the years and its museums are world famous, especially the Louvre, which holds the statue of Venus, the Monalisa along with some of the best works from that era and beyond.

However, yet another museum which holds great historical significance is the Musée d’Histoire Contemporaine or the museum of contemporary history situated in the Les Invalids or the national Residence of Invalids, in Paris. It was initially set up as the Library Museum of the War in 1914 and later in the year 1917, it became a part of the Ministry of Public Education. In the year 1973, this was shifted to be a part of the Invalids’ Residence area, which made its significance more pronounced.

In the museum, you will find over 1,500,000 items and documentations from the military war from 1870 dating down to the present day. It’s a unique and spectacular museum to check out when in Paris.

Tips on saving money while travelling abroad

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Travel abroad, travel tipsWhile travelling abroad you can easily get into a place where you will get yourself in a place where you end up spending up much. It is always necessary to save money while travelling abroad. With proper knowledge you can easily get into a position where you can save more and spend less. Here are some tips that would help you while travelling abroad in saving some money.

• You should know about the cards that you can use in the foreign land. Not only this you can also get some knowledge of the rates and charges that your bank will charge while using it there.
• You also need to know about the foreign exchange rate. Exchanging your currency in the proper time will help you in getting more while exchanging your currency there.
• By knowing the proper places of exchanging the money you can save the extra charges that are being charged by the various organizations.
• You can also get yourself a traveler’s card that allow you to use the public transport system at a very nominal charge.
So use this tips while travelling to foreign lands to save some good amount of money.