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Places To Hit On In Abu Dhabi

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Abu Dhabi, travel destinationThe vivacious lifestyle, perennial sunshine, remarkable sand dunes and pristine beaches are what Abu Dhabi offers to tourists who visit this place in United Arab Emirates. This place is a delightful holiday destination for novice as well as experienced travelers. Some of the places you should stop by in Abu Dhabi are:

The Corniche: This is the scenic region of Abu Dhabi which is popular for the fantastic fountains and stylish coastline boulevard. The Corniche Park is perfect for bird watching and fishing.

Sheik Zayed Mosque: Also called the Grand Mosque, this radiant and beautiful mosque is a sight that you just cannot miss to visit.

Khalifa Park: This is a fun place to visit in Abu Dhabi. There is a central plaza, maritime museum, party hall, an amphitheatre, theme park etc. to be found in this park.

The Emirates Palace Hotel, Khalifa Park Museum, Heritage village etc are other amazing places you can visit in Abu Dhabi.

Major attractions in the City of Lights

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

City of Lights, ParisPlanning to go on a vacation to the City of lights? Well here is a guide that will help you to visit the major attractions in Paris and make you holidays more dazzling. The main places that you should visit in this rich historical city are listed below.

  • Eiffel Tower– It is among the Seven Wonders of the World and is well-known for its tall towers and structure. A visit to Eiffel at night will enchant you with the beautiful view of the dazzling city.
  • Louvre Museum– Listed among the worlds most popular, the place displays the mesmerizing works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Apollo gallery. Nothing can be more fascinating than watching Mona Lisa look at you with her smile.
  • River Seine– If you are a romantic person, your trip will be incomplete without a boat ride on this river.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral– If you have fetish for Gothic works, then visit this Cathedral situated at the most ancient point in Paris. The gargoyle structures of Notre Dame and a view of the entire city will spellbind you.

Top 3 Dubai Delights

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Dubai Delights, travel DubaiDubai is a very wonderful place to spend a holiday. There are many places of tourist interest in Dubai which you must visit during your holiday. You can book a suite in the Burj Al Arab, the tallest hotel of the world. Spending time there during your holiday will be lifetime experience. Entering the hotel’s fleet in a Rolls Royce and enjoying the awesome experience in the Assawan Spa are such things which you should try definitely. You can also dine at the Al Mahara, world’s first underwater restaurant, with the fishes and other aquatic creatures.

You can also spend some time in the wonderful sandy beaches of Dubai. You can relax in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and enjoy all the amenities and benefits associated with a world class beach front resort.

You can also enjoy the marine adventure and gain a lifetime experience in Pavillion Dive Centre In Dubai. So the next time when you visit Dubai, don’t forget to enjoy these world class delights.

Eiffel Tower- the pride of Paris

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Eiffel Tower, ParisEiffel Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the beautiful French capital. The historical is one of the most celebrated wonders of the world and your visit to Paris is always incomplete without a hit to the Eiffel Tower.

The world famous tower was completed at the last decade of 19th century by the legendary architect Gustave Eiffel. The tower is 984 ft. tall and is double the height of Washington Monument. Eiffel Tower was built for 1889 Paris International Exhibition that was organized to celebrate the 100 years of French Revolution.
Eiffel Tower is considered as the symbol of the French capital and since its development over 200,000,000 people or tourists have visited the enormous tower which has again dubbed it as the world’s most hit paid tourist delights. The tower comes with great restaurants where the visitors can enjoy an unforgettable meal on their Paris trip.