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Discovering the best of Zurich

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Travel  Zurich, switzerlandZurich is spotlessly clean, uptight and famous as the banking capital of the world. Howbeit it is just more than being a boring banking hub. The city is vibrant and surprisingly trendy though it is the home of the world’s fourth largest stock exchange. The most outstanding characteristics of the city are its peaceful and easy-going attitude which is unlikely to be found in the other metropolises. Howbeit the peacefulness should not be mistaken as demureness. Since the late 1990’s the rise of night clubs has been never before seen. The people here are very homely and warm. Europe’s largest street party is hosted by Zurich.

This is the time when the streets are inundated with young people otherwise most of the times it has an orthodox appearance, which becomes more modern. Historical, architectural places, churches and interesting streets are abound Zurich. Remember the famous bollywood movie, DDLJ which mostly was shot at Zurich. Augustinergasse can be a place to start with. The narrow streets are quiet intrinsic to Zurich culture. Bahnofstrasse is a beautiful place, considered to be a paradise for the shopaholics. Fraumunster Church is capable to make you a fellow of the Protestant culture. The grassy park area in Lake Promenade can be your personal favourite. Zurich is a perfect place to visit for the party animals who embrace culture too.

Must do things in Chile

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Attraction at Chile, South AfricaChile in the continent of South America is a very beautiful place to enjoy a holiday. There are many exciting things that you can do while travelling to Chile. However you should take proper information about all the things so that you don’t miss out anything. Normally the climatic condition is exactly the reversed in comparison to that prevailing in the northern hemispheric countries. So be very sure and specific about the season and the best time to visit there. A very popular activity to be done in Chile is skiing.

There are various beautiful skiing facilities and places. This is a must thing once you are there. Wine making is a very popular industry in Chile. So you can visit the industry and even take your chance at tasting some of the most premium quality of the wine. Other than these there are many places of tourist attraction where you should visit. Food quality is also very good with the availability of almost any type of cuisines.

Visiting the heart of Vietnam

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Travel Vietnam, travel tipsWhen we think of Vietnam, the first thing which comes to the mind is poverty and war. But there is more to that. People have a lot of misconception about Vietnam. It is a very gorgeous place, blessed with natural beauty and ancient culture with a touch of modernization as well. The best part about this country is that they accept dollars at most places and there are many cheap flights and transportation to Vietnam from all over the world.

The mountains, the winding roads, the beautiful weather and the special rice fields are the key elements of Vietnam’s culture. As we know, Vietnam has a very intense history. The tombstones, memorials and walls are designated as cultural heritage by the UNESCO. Cycling, trekking and site seeing are some of the relaxing things to do while in Vietnam. So go ahead and get a brand new viewpoint about the amazing country.