Interesting Facts About France

August 25th, 2016

Facts of FranceFrance is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. You know much of the things about France but there are also many of the things about France which you are not aware of. Exploring these facts about France will be very cool and interesting and you will get to know those things which you wouldn’t know at all. It will increase you knowledge and love for France. Here are some of the facts about France which will leave you totally amazed.

  • In terms of land, France is considered to be the largest European country after Russia and Ukraine. Thus you can see how wide France is.
  • Approximately twenty percent of the territory of the France lies outside of the Europe. Such regions are usually known as DOM-TOM. These are considered as overseas department and territories. On an average over 2.5 million citizens of France live there.
  • The oldest canal of France named as canal du Midi was built from the period of 1666 to 1681. This canal is almost 240 kms long which is about 150 miles long having 63 locks, 126 bridges, 6 barrages, 1 tunnel, 55 aqueducts and 7 canal bridges.
  • Rivers plays a very major role in the history of France as it acts as the main transportation route before the invention of railway. There were 24 rivers in France which exceeded 300 kms in length. 66 metropolitan departments out of 95 metropolitan departments were named after rivers.
  • French people usually gives each other cheek kiss to greet each other whether it be friends or family members even men’s also greet each other in similar manner. The number of kisses differs from one region to another it can be one or it can even be 4 and in Corsica it is 5.
  • According to one of the survey it is proved that 44 % of the people of France are atheists.
  • The highest life expectancy I female and third highest life expectancy in males is found in France in the whole European Union.
  • French people are the biggest consumers of psychotropic drugs in the whole world. Approximately one fourth of the total population admits that they have taken anti depression pills over the past years. Depression is a serious issue in France and almost 1 out of 4 people are facing depression issues and having it treated with medication.
  • Till the year 1964, a woman cannot open a separate bank account in her name or even get a passport without the permission of her husband.
  • One of the popular French writer said that French is an Italian when in bad mood.
  • The name France came out from the name Franks which is a Germanic tribe who have settled in the Western Roman Empire from the 2nd century and then took off it after the collapse of the entire empire.

Places to Visit in Italy

July 2nd, 2016

Want to go for one of the most travelled country which can help you in exploring more of the things in just one place? Then mark my words, Italy is considered to be your jam which you can go for your things or trip which you have planned for. Not only is that but there many places to visit in Italy which can help you in the matters of exploring the country in the way you want to go for. It is being situated in southern Europe with all sorts of refreshing and enthusiastic appearances which will make you go mad when you are visiting it for your trip. But it is considered to be advisable for the traveller to have the better much knowledge of the places to visit in Italy which they can go for when they are travelling towards it.

There are many things which can help you in the matters of going for visiting the places to visit in Italy which you must not miss for if you are planning for your vacation in Italy. For instance let me help you out with some of the examples which can help you in the matters of knowing about the places to visits in Italy like Sicily is a place which you can explore, visiting the Italian Lake District, Milan is another place which can help you, etc. and many more of the things which can help you in possessing the advice about the places to visit in Italy which you cannot miss out for going while going for visiting Italy as your dream vacation destination.

Places to visit in Italy

  • Milan

MilanIt is considered to be one of the largest city which shows up the greatest fashion sense which you must visit for when you are travelling to Italy. Well, it was nearly fully destroyed which has took the pace and now considered to be amongst the most fashioned designer city which can help you in getting in touch with the latest type of fashion which gets originated from it. Well, it is sometimes considered to be more of modern city than the historical touch which is being provided by the city.

  • Sicily

SicilyAnother interesting place which you need to visit and as per your wish list the place to visit in Italy is Sicily. It is considered to be having the largest Mediterranean sea which is considered to be having autonomous arena with more of the smaller isles present in it. If you font want to miss up the great art and the historic values of Italy than it is considered to be your place which you must not stop yourself of visiting it. It is being providing you with the design of historical structure and architecture which you must go for.

  • Italian Lake District

Italian Lake DistrictOne of the most beautiful places which you need to go for at the time of knowing for the places to visit in Italy is the Italian Lake District which is situated in northern Italy. It is having the features of mountainous lake which proves the greenery and the peace which you can avail over there. it is considered to be most of popular city for about 100 years for the tourist who are visiting it constantly.

Exotic Places to Visit in USA

June 6th, 2016

Exotic places to visit in USA are considered to be something which we all have dreamt of. Just imagine, beautiful sea with sizzling and green lushed trees of coconuts, mountainous regions, and the wind breeze of the beach, is the thing which we all want. If, you would be sent to such place then? Yes, you are thinking it right there are many different and mesmerizing exotic places to visit in USA which you can go for. Getting lost to such place feels to exciting right? No doubt you might be thinking that USA is considered to be developed country and such exotic places to visit in USA is present than let me tell you that you are going to the right path and your are going to enjoy up the whole of destination which you have selected for the matters of going for the exotic places to visit in USA.

The further discussed things will help you in knowing about different exotic places to visit in USA which you can go for when planning for visiting USA. You must get all the knowledge and the details because it will help you in getting closer and attracted to the place which you are going for. well, for instance let me help you pout with some of the examples of exotic places to visit in USA like Big Sur, California, Aleutian Island, Alaska, Culebra, Puerto Rico, etc. and many more the destination which is being waiting for you at the time of planning to go for exotic places to visit in USA.

Exotic places to visit in USA

  • Big Sur, California

Big Sur, CaliforniaIf you want to enjoy up the taste of the Italian culture and the taste than in accordance to my knowledge, Bur Sur which is situated in California is considered to be one of the best exotic places to visit in USA. You can go for experiencing the feel of the Mediterranean region which is being revealing the fragrance of the exotic look. This destination of California is also being known by the name of “American Riviera”. And yes, it is considered to be America’s most stunning yet beautiful destination. Not only that but this destination has become inspiring place for many of the writers, and authors.

  • Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Aleutian Islands, AlaskaOne of the most beautiful destination or you can say as the exotic place to visit in USA which you can go for is the Aleutian Islands which are being situated in Alaska. If you are such traveller who loves exploring nature, than this place is considered to be your jam which you can go for. You will find the experience of wildlife, harsh stormy weather, with waterfalls, and active volcanoes being taking place.

  • Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra, Puerto RicoIf you want to travel up and explore you vision for the matters of getting exotic places to visit in USA than it is considered to be your place which you must go for. it is considered to be giving up with total and ideal tropical destination which is considered to be very much beautiful and immensely the bets amongst all. It is a 7 mile long island where you will be able to observe up the leatherback turtles, and the anole which is considered to be the attraction over there.


Top Places to Visit in Fiji

July 30th, 2015

Close your eyes and think about Fiji for five minutes. I am sure you would be dazzled in a totally different world. Now you might be thinking will your beautiful imagination of picturising Fiji match up actual Fiji. Actual Fiji would be a bit more beautiful than your imagination. Fiji is such a wonderful place to spend your vacations in. Consisting of 300 islands and nicknamed as pearl of the pacific, Fiji is very famous for its crystal beaches, clear waters and tropical forests. If you are awaiting thrill, if you are awaiting adventure or even if you are awaiting a calm relaxation all you can get at Fiji. If you want to explore nature or its beauty or if you want to explore historic places come to Fiji and get your wish done.

  • Sigatoka river safari

sigatoka river safariThis river is the longest river on the whole island of the viti levu. It is about ten miles long and it runs from the hills of the province of navosa to the dunes of sand in the coral coast of kulukulu. There are jet boat safari tours through which you can explore the river. This river runs straight into the heart of Fiji. The water of the river is so fresh and alive and this thing is clearly seen in the marine life of the river. The aquatic life of Sigatoka River contains prawns, eels, mussels and many of the fresh water fishes. Take a swimming beneath the surface of the river and meet with this aquatic life. Safari tour would take you to sigatoka valley which is scenic spot and it is known as salad bowl as there is a large production of vegetables there.

  • Kula Eco park

Kula eco parkMost threatened species of many of the areas li8ve at Kula Eco Park. Many of the tropical bird species like red musk parrot, golden dove, peregrine falcon reside in the Kula Eco Park. Other species like iguanas and kula lorikeets also live in Kula Eco Park. Visitors stay amazed and got to learn many things from the park. It’s a great example of revitalizing animals and birds existence. This park also contains a great tropical jungle which has many of the rope bridges which leads you to the vast vegetation, fruits, varied trees and lots of flora.  It’s just a great experience to visit this park.

  • Museum of Fiji

Fiji MuseumIf you want to explore the history of Fiji, take a visit to the Fiji museum. There is an amazing botanical garden and a variety of prized memorabilia. There is adjoining of three buildings which showcase a art gallery, history gallery and an indo Fijian gallery along with rotating exhibitions. There are several pieces which depicts of the history of Fiji like cannibal forks, war clubs and shell jewelry.  The most auspicious thing to have a look at is masi cloth. This masi cloth is of decorative fabrics which is hand-woven and it is customarily used for the ceremonial occasions.

Top Places to Visit in Shanghai

May 26th, 2015

Shanghai is one of the most popular places to visit in China. It’s a perfect combination of old historical places along with the modern architectural sites. Since last decade Shanghai has developed itself as a model for 21st century China. This combination of old and new monuments along with vigorous beauty and ancient Chinese culture attracts lots of people to take a visit of Shanghai. Here is a list of top places to take a look at in Shanghai.

The Bund and Huangpu River

The BundLocated on the Zongshan road along the Huangpu River, Bund is very famous tourist destination. The mother river of shanghai, Huangpu river divides the city into east and west parts and it assembles the splendid attractions of the city. Bund is considered to be the symbol of Shanghai and it consist various buildings with beautiful architectural designs. There is 1.5 kilometers long walk where you can see scenery of Huangpu River and on the other side you can see the development of Luijazui district. The architecture around Bund is so famous that it is recognized as “world architectural fair” which consist various tall building such as Baroque style, classical style, roman style, gothic style, renaissance style and it also shows combination of western and Chinese style. It is also a fantastic spot for lovers.

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan gardenConstructed with Ming and Qing architectural styles, Yuyuan garden is one of the most ancient garden of shanghai. This garden is an escape zone offering peace and comfort from the fast life of the surrounding city. This garden consists of 6 different areas with style of its own. This 16th century garden can be visited for days as it possesses 30 pavilions and an area of over 5 acres. With such a vast place to visit the most remarkable place is the grand rockery. There is a huge sculpture which is 46 feet high is combined with two thousand tons of rare yellow stones and rice glue. There is a spring hall in the garden where you can see the great number of weapons, announcements and homemade coins of the ancient dagger association. You can also take a visit to the stone city where there is extraordinary collection of stone gallery, engravings and stone sculpture which gives a eye stuck vision to the tourists.

Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl TowerConsidered to be the 4th highest tower in Asia and 6th highest in the world, Oriental pearl tower is 468 meters high. The construction of this huge tower was initiated on 30th July 1991 and it ended on 1st October 1991. It is located in Lujiazui, pudong and in the northwest it is surrounded by Yangpu Bridge while on the southwest it is surrounded by Nanpu Bridge. The most attractive part of this tower is its architectural design which stops many to the people to take its view. It is designed in such a way that it is lied on the rich green grassland and the whole structure is such that looks like there is a pearl shinning on a jade plate. There are 3 large spheres which serve as an observation deck. Then there are 3 smaller spheres and 3 decorative spheres onto the tower base.




5 Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day

January 24th, 2015

valentines day tripTo go on a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day is a fine romantic gesture you can make for your partner. It is beyond doubt that as a romantic gesture, going on a romantic getaway is far better than giving your significant other a long stem rose or a box of chocolate. Below are five places that you can visit on Valentine’s Day in America:
• You can visit the city of Savannah in the state of Georgia. It is the state’s oldest city. The streets of downtown Savannah are filled with history and the people there are known to be friendly. You’re likely to find the weather there to be mild. You will also find the architecture there to be charming. There are also many green parks there having oak trees and Spanish Moss. There are also a number of public squares scattered throughout the city. You will also find art galleries and Boutiques there. You will also find the coastline there to be wonderful and a number of parks are also there in the surrounding areas.

• You can also spend a romantic weekend in New Orleans. You’re sure to find the place to be lively and you will also find Creole food there which originated in Louisiana. The Creole cuisine is famous internationally. The music there will lift your spirits. You will find Spanish architecture, French and even Victorian. The oldest area of the city of New Orleans is the French Quarter. It is also filled with restaurants, bars, and museums etc that bear testimony to history.

• San Francisco is also a wonderful place where you can be with your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can have long walks there. Temperate climate prevails over San Francisco. The nightlife of San Francisco is lively. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful sunshine and also there are a number of public parks in the city where you can take a romantic walk with your partner. There are also a number of restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining. Events are held in the theaters there throughout the year.

• If your partner or you love beaches then you should consider spending the Valentine’s Day in Miami. The night life at Miami is lively. You will find plenty of artworks in Miami. You are likely to find a great weather in Miami. You will also find local and celebrity restaurants in Miami. You will also find a variety of Bars in Miami. The Miami coastline is vast and is also scenic. In Miami you will also find exotic wild animals. If you want to spend your Valentine’s Day luxuriously then Miami is the place you should go.

• New York is also a good place to be on Valentine’s Day. It is said that you can spend a date just by walking the streets of New York. In New York you will find good food at low price. In New York you can have a fine dining experience also. You will have to spend a lot for accommodation in New York but you are not likely to regret it.

Things to do in Manchester

September 15th, 2014

travel manchesterManchester has become a totally new city now after 20 years of the industrial period. It being the home of many relics of the industrial revolution, has become one of the finest historic collections that UK has today.

The People’s Museum:

The People’s Museum has reopened in 2010 after spending about 12.5million pounds on its renovation. This is Manchester’s only museum and tells a story of British democracy that is 200-years old. The city has seen everything starting from political reform to universal suffrage and global co-operative movement.

Feel the clouds:

The bar that gets the most tourist attraction is Cloud 23 which is at the 23’r floor of the Beetham Tower. You get to see a totally different side of the city of Manchester when on top of this. The windows here are from the floor to the ceiling and so give a clear view from every corner. The best time to visit the bar on the clouds is when dusk arrives and you can see a stream of twinkling lights below that form a bejeweled carpet on the metropolis.

Be a part of the Cultural Festivals:

The bi-annual Manchester International Festival started in 2007 and is still going on. This made the city of Manchester dig deep into culture. Ballet, documentaries, haunted house inspired shows all are showed in this festival. Many other events like singing, song writing, opera, concerts take place. All in all, the whole experience will surely be very new to you and also thrilling. The city has galleries, theatres and music events that make sure that they are of equally similar creative standards. The music festival takes place in October and the experimental music along with arts and electronics happen in May.

Shop to your heart’s content:

Every end of the retail spectrum forms the best shopping experience in Manchester. The high end and big brand are for the King Street shoppers but if you are into the quirky items, you can easily find them in the independent boutiques or shops all around the Northern Quarter. The crafts and design Centre is a creative hub that had been established long back to support the local gems that have immense amount of talent. Labels like Motel and Jack Zack, Retro Rehab has their own set of vintage garments that have been worked on again and are within anyone’s shopping range. Afflecks Palace is a four storied shopping arena made for the new designers. They have club wear, fancy dresses, gifts and vintage clothes.

The cultural corridor opens for you:

The locals call the thundering traffic through Oxford Road as Manchester’s cultural corridor as it has uncountable galleries, museums and theatres. The northern end of the road connects through the center to the south of the Manchester leading you to Cornerhouse which is the city’s most famous complex of contemporary art. The other end has Whitworth Art Gallery. In between these two lies many theatres, the Manchester Museum and the campus of Manchester University. There are many gothic buildings that had been designed by Alfred Waterhouse.

Guide To The Beautiful Beaches Of Barbados

July 23rd, 2014

Beaches Of BarbadosNation of islands with an ideal location in the Lesser Antilles situated in the Atlantic Ocean and plates of the Caribbean and South America flank the island of Barbados. Along the stretches of the coastline it boasts of innumerable beaches which offer stunning picture. Your holiday becomes absolutely laidback if you stay in the boutique hotels in and around the beaches during the peak seasons of each and every beach’s visit.

The locations of the beaches in Barbados are significant for the guide. The four cardinal directions are spread with beaches. In the Northern and Eastern beach of the coast there are coral reefs along the pristine shore. You should know that due to strong waves and ocean currents the beach is considered unfit for non experienced swimmers. This is a place for strolling, tanning, enjoying scenic beauty. Cattlewash and Soup Bowl for beauty and surfing respectively are ideal places. There are many bays in the northern side which can be checked out for exploration of the caves.

Southern and Western beaches of the coast are ideal for dip and swim in the calm waters. Aquatic activities, snorkelling are the common activities. You can also join the party or go in an underwater park Folkstone Marine Park, museums or shopping there are a host of facilities which you can enjoy in the nearby areas. The waters in the western coast of the beach are sapphire combined with golden beaches. You can also bask in the glory of sunlight in the morning in the southern coast of the beach which is lively than the other beaches.

Some of the popular beaches of Barbados include:

• Bath beach – most popular and ideal beach for swimming. Small children can swim under the supervision of the adults. There are boutique hotels nearby so no problem of parking. You can go in for picnics and enjoy a small waterfall in the nearby area. Visitors and locals all throng the beach. A snack bar is there. Most importantly it has a changing room. Two churches and a museum nearby are the tourist attraction.

• Accra Beach – situated in the south coast has white sand along its fine coast. Almost everyone from families to couples and locals to tourist go to the beach. You can rent bogie boards but the conditions of surfing vary. Under the casuarinas, exploration of the stalls and sunbathing are the activities you can indulge in.

• Enterprise beach or the Miami beach – 250 yard long strands of white sand magical beach is a favourite local beach. For a stroll, a dip and for weekends the Barbadians hang out in the beach. You can have superb lunch in the beach or enjoy a picnic.

• Crane Beach – also hailed as the most stunning beach of Barbados it is embossed with cliffs of limestone and groves of palms. Those who enjoy their stay at the Crane Resort go out there but it is not ideal for small children.
The beaches are lined with exotic white and pink sands on beautiful terrain of Barbados.

Things you should know before travelling to Hawaii

June 10th, 2014

things should know about hawaiiTravelling to a new place is very difficult and it is exploring too. Many travelers love travelling to the unique and different places but sometimes it is advisable to know about the place you are travelling at. As we are taking about Hawaii, Hawaii is certainly a very different place for the first times. All the different religious, culture, tradition, people, their lifestyle, etc is very different from the country or the city we are travelling. There are many things which must be kept in mind before travelling to Hawaii. This article will help you to determine the aspects and the criteria have to keep in mind while you are planning to travel to Hawaii.


Things you should know:

  • Visitors must keep in mind that we are not Hawaiians. We are called to be the tourists and the people who are residing in Hawaiian island are called by the names of local. They have different lifestyle and concept as we do have ours.
  • Hawaii is the only island where two languages are spoken, one is the English and second one is the Hawaiian language which can be only spoken by the locals because they know how to speak this. But it is advisable to learn the basic words of Hawaiian language so it becomes easy for the visitor to attempt the talking with the local Hawaiian public. Words like aloha means hello, mahalo for thank you, etc can be learned by the visitor.
  • Hawaii is the island of time. Visitors come there to enjoy their vacation with the loved ones and the families. You will not see much of the people honking on the road because the local people of Hawaii does not believe in the honking and rushed driving of the car, they just believe in driving the slow and enjoy the scenery which is preserved in the Hawaiian island.
  • Hawaiian island is the only place where the royalty is been celebrated. The prince Kuhio day is celebrated on 26th of March in the honor of the king who put on his efforts in preserving the culture, rituals, tradition, etc of Hawaii.
  • Hawaiian island has the heart of welcoming every person on the island to make their house or enjoy their vacation with their loved ones. You will find many faces of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc and their food taste too which will blend you towards to come and visit the Hawaiian Islands again and again.
  • All the visitors who love beaches or the beachy arena, Hawaiian island are the best option which can be opted for. Not only the beach but there is many places in Hawaii which can be visited by the visitors and in fact those places must not be left unwatched by the visitors according to my advice.
  •  Hawaii has its own existence. Yes, you might be thinking of travelling to the different countries for the beach and other stuffs but seriously Hawaii has its own unique magnificent things which one should not miss out.

Top 5 places in Malaysia

May 2nd, 2014

places in MalaysiaMalaysia is one of the most sought destinations today receiving tons of tourists every year, from all over the globe. The oriental delight amazes its tourists wit a great host of fantastic attractions, assuring a real cherishing holiday.

Kuala Lampur

Kuala Lampur is the capital city of the oriental country and is much loved among the tourists. The dazzling city is especially famous for its stellar shopping malls- shopping in Malaysia is a significant aspect of tourism in the country thanks to its grand swanky shopping malls beckoning with a wealth of lucrative purchases. The best part is that prices are really affordable no matter how plush the malls are.


You should not miss out on Penang on your Malaysia trip. Penang features a unique blend of oriental & occidental culture, making itself as one of the most sought after destinations. The tourists here especially rave about the lip-smacking and versatile culinary delights, ranging from Malay to Indian cuisines. The colonial era still has its influence in Penang which is evident from the series of very English edifices standing right next to Sino architectural specimens.


Sabah is a great destination in Malaysia with its beach & scenic island beauty. The place is tagged as the paradise for nature lovers in the country. You will simply love the picturesque Sidapan Island beaches while the serene vista of Mt. Kinabalu is equally awe-inspiring. Trekking opportunities are encouraged here. Do not miss out on the UN World Heritage Kinabalu Park.

Langkwai Island

Langkwai Island is one of the most loved tourist delights in Malaysia. This breathtakingly beautiful island is situated in northwestern edge of Malaysia Peninsula & according to many it’s the most beautiful in the entire world. The island assures good affordable accommodations and it’s tranquil ambience ensures a fantastic getaway for those in need of a relaxing break from the daily hustle-bustle of life. You will find great mall here as well as sumptuous eateries. Mopeds are available on rent if you wish to explore the island on your own. Apart from the great vista, Langkwai Island is especially renowned for its rich flora & fauna.

Perhentian Island

If you are looking forward to some great aquatic adventures amidst a scenic backdrop, the Perhentian Island is just the one for your Malaysia holiday. The island allows great adventure activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. You are promised of a very affordable stay here.